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About Johnathan


     Johnathan and fellow neighbors, plus former coworkers, and even celebrities and politicians, are stranded on the government satellite and wireless cellular tower surveillance networks, due to a group of misfits at a former employer, XTO ENERGY, creating accounts to track and stalk beautiful women and other “pretty people,” plus any person, who they fancy; which, nonetheless, is terrorism by state law.  Johnathan's account was created by a former senior supervisor at XTO ENERGY, where Johnathan was a contractor, through Matrix Resources, during the year of 2013.  After submitting a Freedom of Information Act request, this information eventually was relayed to him, from a Department of Homeland Security Special Agent, within the DHS Office of the Inspector General in Frisco, Texas; where the former name of XTO ENERGY, CROSS TIMBERS OIL COMPANY, was registered with the Department of Homeland Security to access the government's satellite surveillance network to "monitor oil and gas wells, as well as, other property owned by the company."  From what Johnathan experienced, he is the only one running for office that has any knowledge to stop this crime. 


     Special Agents from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigations, both, claim the State will handle the crime -- and not the Federal side.  This particular surveillance camera system has RAYTHEON Long Range Acoustic Device ("LRAD") sensors on the "Wireless Cellular Tower Networks," which will cause bodily injury, when used.  Unfortunately, the XTO ENERGY personnel have access to the "Wireless Cellular Tower Surveillance Networks" by having the access to the Space Surveillance Network ("SSN.")  Presumably, XTO ENERGY personnel, or any personnel from other companies that have the same government surveillance access, would only monitor the boundaries of the company's property.  However, this has not been the case with certain misfits, at XTO ENERGY, that have not been policed.  Why is this technology in place?  Why are the two surveillance networks available for commercial use?  Both are good questions. 




More About Johnathan


Family Background

     Johnathan was raised by his maternal grandparents ("Davidson") in a Presbyterian home, with French Country-style cooking, in Oklahoma.  Ironically, Johnathan's paternal grandfather ("Hampton,") an attorney by trade, also was raised by his maternal grandparents, in Kentucky. 

     Johnathan's Y-DNA is recorded with the Hampton genealogical research group and matches with the Scottish Quaker John Hampton family line, that arrived in North America, in 1686, who were members of the first British settlers of Staten Island and, later, Freehold, New Jersey Colony.  This line can be traced back to 13th Century Scotland, when it first arrived from England.  

     The Davidson line first arrived in 1746, in the Virginia Colony, after the "Trials of Carlisle," where the surviving Jacobite Army was tried, following the “Battle of Culloden."  All Jacobite prisoners were hanged, except for members of the Clan Chatten; for they were brought onto the battlefield, during the last day of the battle, from pleas for help by the Jacobite cause and Chieftain of the Mackintosh's wife.  The Clan Chatten were related families that occupied the Inverness Castle.  The Davidson Y-DNA has been tested with results as R1B>L-21 (Atlantic Celtic Branch, British Isles.)  The second generation, from this Davidson line, was born in the North Carolina Colony, and he joined the Southern Division of the Continental Army, in Orange County, North Carolina Colony, under the command of Colonel Polk, and fought under George Washington's command in Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth, during the Revolutionary War.  The name of this soldier, who was Johnathan's fourth great-grandfather, is Joseph Davidson, son of John Davidson. 

     By 1746, 98% of Johnathan's ancestors reached North America.  The last ancestor, James Kneale, Johnathan's third great-grandfather, arrived from the Isle of Man, via Liverpool, England to New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 5th, 1849.  James left the Isle of Man, because he did not want to be a farmer.  However, he is recorded in Holt County, Missouri, as the person, who brought modern agricultural techniques to the Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri regions.

     Johnathan's first ancestors to arrive in North America, in 1609, are John Chandler ("10th great-grandfather,") at age nine, and George Percy ("12th great-grandfather.")  It cannot be determined if George Percy was in Jamestown, in 1607, from conflicting information.  George Percy was the younger brother of Sir Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland ("Wizard Earl,") who was held in the Tower of London over the "Gunpowder Plot."  George was spoiled, as most Percy boys were raised.  His older brother, Sir Henry Percy, invested in the voyage to America, with the Thomas West II's family members, and purchased his younger brother's commission; where Thomas West III, Lord Baron de la Warr, who was in command, made George Percy a Governor of the Virginia Colony.  John Chandler was to join with the first Chandler family, that settled Roanoke Island.  The relationship between the younger John Chandler and Chandler Family, of Roanoke Island, cannot be determined.  Governor John West ("11th great-grandfather,") son of Sir Thomas West II, Lord Baron de la Warr, arrived in Jamestown, during 1618, and was the only one out of the West family brothers, who attended Oxford College, that graduated with a Bachelor of Law, in 1613.  The older West family brothers attended Oxford College, as well, for a few semesters, each.  George Percy was the father of Governor John West's wife, Anne.  John’s and Anne's son, Colonel John West II ("10th great-grandfather,") was the captive in Bacon’s Rebellion.  Once Col. West was freed, he soon sat on a tribunal to sentence all of those men, who kidnapped and persecuted him, to be hanged, in Williamsburg, Virginia Colony.  Johnathan has promised XTO ENERGY personnel, who kidnapped him on the government satellite surveillance network and persecuted him, to be hanged the same way as the hostage takers in Bacon's Rebellion were hanged.


Factoids From DNA Testing

  1. From Composite DNA test results, by FAMILY TREE DNA, Johnathan's origin is Toulouse, France.
  2. His first six Y-DNA markers are the mean Western European markers. 
  3. His Y-DNA profile is R1B>S28/U152(Italo-Gallo Alpine Celt [La Tène Celts])>L2, which is Anglo-Saxon British and the same for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, and House of Lancaster ("Dukes of Beaufort") ( website, [].)



University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Bachelor of Business Administration ("BBA")  
Field of Study:  Finance  
Graduation:  August 15, 1998


Political Resume

  1. Texas Republican Party Precinct Chair, Dallas County Voting Precinct 4643, Texas, 2008-2010.  
  2. Texas Republican Party Precinct Delegate to Texas State GOP Convention, Houston, Texas, 2008.
  3. Texas Republican Party Temporary Rules Committee Chairman for Senatorial District 09, Texas, 2010.
  4. Texas Republican Party Precinct Delegate, Tarrant County Voting Precinct 4649, Senatorial District 12, Texas, 2012 - 2014.


Employment History

Please visit Johnathan’s LinkedIn page.



  1. Texas Republican Party

  2. Irving Republican Women's Club

  3. Greater Irving Republican Club

  4. Metrocrest Republican Club

  5. Preston West Republican Women

  6. Texas Rifle Association

  7. National Rifle Association

  8. The Federalist Society

  9. Alliance for Retired Americans

  10. National Pro-Life Alliance

  11. The Moose Fraternity

  12. Golden Key International Honour Society

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