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Johnathan is Running for Congress

December 07, 2019


     I am running for the seat in the United States House of Representatives, Texas Congressional District 1, as a Republican Party Candidate in the Primary Election, on March 03, 2020, to represent the people in this district for all Federal issues and be the first United States Representative to provide access to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which was founded in 1978, within the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("FISA"), to file complaints for the issuance of FISA warrants to pull accounts of victims and allow the Texas State Constitution and United States Constitution's Title 18 rules and Amendments of Bill of Rights to work in obtaining Civil Injunctions ("Stalking Protective Orders") and have criminal charges filed.  Unfortunately, from what I have noticed, there are no other candidates running for office that will fight for every person in my district, neighborhood, and family for the right to obtain a protective order against FISA violations of misconduct using the DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY ("DARPA") programs by any agency or commercial entity.  If the population knew of the vulgarities and profanities on the satellite and wireless cellular tower camera system surveillance networks, there would be shock, disgust, disbelief, anger, and a demand for the multiple cases of wrongdoing, misconduct, abuse, and persecution to be presented in the criminal courts, either State or United States District Criminal Courts.  Providing such access and help to victims of stalking and terrorism related crimes is a great honor and a task that must be accomplished.

     The greatest threat to our security is the inability by both State and Federal agencies to perform simple tasks upon a subpoena request, during the discovery phase of a trial, to yield information that would lead to a felony arrest.  I have experienced where an attorney with the United States Attorney's Office gave advice to a Federal Agent to withhold any further details of a crime.   This type of behavior is not what the American people expect from law enforcement, much less the United States Attorney's Office.  In addition, this type of behavior is criminal by Texas State Code, for it interferes with someone obtaining a restraining order to stop stalking, battery, and even worse crimes.  To that end, I want an outlined, fool-proof approach to obtaining government held information for an underlining person to serve a subpoena in a civil or criminal hearing and/or trial to complete discovery and provide facts in a petition or complaint for a "Civil Injunction" against the offending party.

     My greatest challenge is to get information in the hands of the voting population that I am running for office and will provide to each one of the voters something that has yet to be provided by anyone in law enforcement or elected officials, to my knowledge:  "Access to the government satellite and wireless cellular tower surveillance networks to obtain a copy his or her account, if there, and all information concerning the account, upon request to present during a court hearing to cover probable cause for an immediate arrest warrant to be issued, facts for an affidavit to obtain an immediate restraining order, and further discovery to present facts in a civil trial for a cause of action."  To fight crime syndicates, I require a strong position in government to push and lean on authorities to bring these perpetrators to justice.  As a Congressman, I would have leeway to address felonies and other criminal activities with a government program.

     Another reason, for why I am running for office, is that always wanted the job to address and argue positions, in a way that does not dig into the savings of the population.  As a Representative, I can work with local municipal, county, and state governments, that are in United States Congressional District Texas 1, to pull away the expenses for infrastructure and needed projects, to support our civilization, and have these funded through United States Congress -- which is common practice, by the committee or council that has the power to coin currency, since and before the founding of the United States. However, the burden on real estate owners is quite excessive, in my opinion; thus, more work, to offload the expenses of county government through United States Congressional Appropriations, is needed to reduce the fleecing of savings from the citizenry.  The United States Congress was engineered to handle such expenses.

     In addition, I have a focus on helping entrepreneurs and local businesses create jobs by providing more details and work requests that the United States Congress has approved for appropriation to fund projects.  The needed projects are funded through the United States Congress.  There are so many more scientific advancements to achieve; where funding through the United States Congress will create jobs for such research and production. Once the research has been completed, the company or companies that took advantage of the challenge to produce the results may, and more often than not, present it to the consumer base to make additional profits on the sales.

     For example, I believe the United States Congress should invest more in new energy production, using magnetic fields rather than using nuclear power.  Researching new energy resources is crucial for lowering future operating costs and reduce risks that nuclear power plants pose.  Therefore, I will petition the various Congressional Committees to have approval for Congressional Appropriations for the research of magnetic energy to produce the mechanics behind generating a continuous electrical current with enough amperage to provide the needs for supplying electricity to a home, from an affordable appliance at the home's location, without any nasty surprises at the end of the month with an unexpected expensive electrical bill.  Thus, the cost of living for families will fall.  Consequently, this type of appliance for supplying electricity to a business, for the office, store, warehouse, etc., will reduce the operating costs on the income statement.  Now that is innovation!

     Nonetheless, using natural gas to fuel power plants is much more logical in Texas, due to the oil basins.  Consequently, the revenue streams to mineral rights owners and well operators is a brilliant way to create a prosperous way of life.  I support more rights to the surface owners to gain oil and gas well permits to become to operators.  Also, I am in favor for funding research for home-based power generators, using natural gas to power the homeowner's home.  There may be potential to lowering utility costs, by using natural gas.

     One last topic pertains to Federal Student Loans.  The importance of an advanced education is to improve the quality of life and prosperity.  The Federal Student Loan programs have been successful in allowing more students to enter college and finish with a baccalaureate degree and proceed to enter graduate school.  What has failed with these student loan programs?  The interest rate on the loan is way too high and abusive, given the money to fund the loan originates through the United States Congress, alone, and sole purpose is to improve culture, prosperity, and protect society down the road through technological advances. 

     Moreover, I will push hard to change the interest rate, to repay the student loans, to one percent.  Also, I want the previous interest payments adjusted to the lower rate, of annual percentage rate, to use to pay off the principal of the loan.  The adjustment in annual percentage rate and interest payments to speed up repayment, of the Federal Student Loans, is an honorable choice.








Johnathan Kyle Davidson

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