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Issues & Political Concerns

Motivation to Run for Political Office

Everyone requires the ability to protect himself or herself from crime at every level of society and government.  Today, we do not have the ease to use a court clerk's subpoena for information from government agencies, committees, and/or officials, even when we are party and must stop a felony in progress.  It is quite extraordinary that any agency of government may not cooperate with the discovery, providing exhibits to support facts, in a court of law.  I fully intend to adjust this flaw in government, so we may obtain restraining orders to protect ourselves, even from the government.


Domestic Terrorism by Satellite and Wireless Cellular Tower Surveillance

     The greatest threat to our security is the inability by both State and Federal agencies to perform simple tasks upon a subpoena request, during the discovery phase of a trial, to yield information that would lead to a felony arrest.  I have experienced where a United States Attorney gave advice to a Federal Agent to withhold any further details of a crime.  This type of behavior is not what the American people expect from law enforcement, much less the United States Attorney's Office.  In addition, this type of behavior is criminal by Texas State Code, for it interferes with someone obtaining a restraining order to stop stalking, battery, and even worse crimes.  To that end, I want an outlined, fool-proof approach to obtaining government held information for an underlining person to serve a subpoena in a civil or criminal hearing and/or trial to complete discovery and provide facts in a petition or complaint for a "Civil Injunction" against the offending party.

     My greatest challenge is to get information in the hands of the voting population that I am running for office and will provide to each one of the voters something that has yet to be provided by anyone in law enforcement or elected officials, to my knowledge:  "Access to the government satellite and wireless cellular tower surveillance networks to obtain a copy his or her account, on the Department of Homeland Security's system, which uses the National Security Agency's wireless cellular tower all-terrain tracking system, if there, and all information concerning the account, upon request to present during a court hearing to cover probable cause for an immediate arrest warrant to be issued, facts for an affidavit to obtain an immediate restraining order, and further discovery to present facts in a civil trial for a cause of action."

     I am running for the seat in the United States House of Representatives, Texas Congressional District 1, as a Republican Party Candidate, to represent the people in this district for all Federal issues and be the first United States Representative to provide access to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, founded in 1978, within the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("FISA") legislation, to file complaints for the issuance of FISA warrants to pull accounts of victims and allow the Texas State Constitution and United States Constitution's Title 18 rules and Amendments of Bill of Rights to work in obtaining Civil Injunctions ("Stalking Protective Orders") and have criminal charges filed. Unfortunately, from what I have noticed, there are no other candidates running for office that will fight for every person in my district, neighborhood, and family for the right to obtain a protective order against FISA violations of misconduct using the programs from the DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY ("DARPA") or by any government or commercial entity. If the population knew of the vulgarities and profanities on the satellite and wireless cellular tower camera system surveillance networks, there would be shock, disgust, disbelief, anger, and a demand for the multiple cases of wrongdoing, misconduct, abuse, and persecution to be presented in the criminal courts, either State or United States District Criminal Courts. Providing such access and help to victims of stalking and terrorism related crimes is a great honor and a task that must be accomplished.

     Consequently, with this technology, that DARPA has coded and is used by my former employer ("XTO ENERGY"), law enforcement, United States Customs and Border Protection, and other Federal agencies, I have had to code my own personal account in a "game of settings" to set my account where I am not harmed -- which is an ongoing daily task.  Moreover, I have large list of accounts that I continuously delete off of the government's surveillance network to protect these innocent people, who are comprised of my close and distant relatives, neighbors and a few celebrities.  I purge all accounts, of people, who do not  have possession of the government surveillance software, in Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, and other counties throughout the United States to protect these people; for each person currently has no means to obtain his or her account in a Court of Law.  In my personal account, I set up an automated process, in the Department of Homeland Security's program, that uses the National Security Agency's wireless all-terrain tracking network on the national cellular tower infrastructure, to detect accounts, created by personnel at my previous employer, and regularly delete these accounts.  This effort has exhausted me to no end.  Honestly, I am fighting a rough and dangerous group of misfits, on the governments surveillance network, that are desperate to be policed.  I was trained to use my account by law enforcement in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to deal with this "Domestic Terrorist Cell" in North Texas.  Why have not any law enforcement filed probable cause in a Criminal Court hearing for a warrant to make arrest to apprehend these terrorists?  I really do not know the entire answer.  The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court definitely has jurisdiction to "Top Secret" domestic surveillance programs.  No one will be ashamed on how I used my account, I assure you.  I never asked the former employer to create my account, in the first place.  My intentions have always been honorable.  I, alone, have been deleting accounts on innocent people and protecting them.  I am the person on the government surveillance network putting a stop to misconduct by personnel at XTO ENERGY.  One of these days, hopefully sooner than later, this "Terrorist Cell," which is better described as a "Crime Syndicate," in North Texas will be formally addressed in a Court of Law, with all terrorists and accessories to this crime jailed.  Anyone that had an account, that I protected, will leave this surveillance network with me. 

     Previously, I ran for office in 2018, as a Texas Republican Primary Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives--Texas District 24, where three families, one from Minnesota, one from Oregon, and the other from Washington, contacted me through my campaign web site and stated he or she was either experiencing the effects of being targeted, harassed, or tortured, or all three, by this type of stalking crime.  The National Security Agency's surveillance network uses frequencies higher than 1 GHz, on the wireless cellular tower tracking network.  I will keep repeating to word it out as "wireless cellular tower tracking network," since that is how it was explained to me by a lieutenant at the Dallas Police Department.  The lieutenant stated that I needed a badge to gain any further information and see this software.  The National Security Agency's surveillance network has "active denial" frequencies, which may be referred to as the "Raytheon Frequency Ranges," that are included in this network.  These "active denial" frequencies are used to cause battery, pain, and torturing affects.  Ladies and gentlemen, this threat is real, and we cannot get these accounts delivered to a court clerk's office to obtain an initial restraining order to stop the assault at an initial hearing that leads to a trial and future arrests to stop felonies!  The above three families, that contacted me for help, have had his or her account moved into my account, where I fight anyone attacking them, instead of leaving them defenseless.  Thereafter, I take on the perpetrators head-on, with help from certain peace officers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   My background and experience programming has been the focal point to the limited success we currently have on the this surveillance network.  

     The National Security Agency's surveillance network has personnel, from law enforcement and commercial entities, that have been granted access by the Department of Homeland Security.  The personnel have software, in possession, to monitor and watch anyone in range of the camera system on the wireless cellular tower tracking network.  In addition, the software allows for Raytheon's Long Range Acoustic Device ("LRAD") broadcasts, using the "active denial" frequencies.  These frequencies may be increased, in output, to cause torturing affects, with this Department of Homeland Security software.  What I have just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.  This software includes virtual reality image projections and more.  The wireless cellular tower tracking network has both cameras and projectors.  

     How is this environment policed, where no one is in danger from the use of the software?  Since I cannot get a clear answer from the Department of Homeland Security or other government offices, I decided to run for office to gain access and build a solution to get this type of crime in the criminal court.  Moreover, since the people, who have software in possession and can provide evidence of criminal activity to a criminal court and have arrests made, are not cooperating with me to see an end to this crime, by a crime syndicate, I require a strong position in government to push and lean on authorities to bring these perpetrators to justice.  As a Congressman, I would have lead-way to address felonies and other criminal activities with a government program.

 Scales of Justice

Criminal Justice Reform

     All available evidence that has been captured by any federal or state law enforcement agency must enter the courts, in full.  The United States Congress' House Judiciary Committee must emphasize, with penalties if not done, to all levels of law enforcement to come forward and help victims upon request or filing a police report.  Presenting evidence of a crime syndicate to a court of law, by a law enforcement agency or other means, should be allowed and supported by the United States Attorney's Office, as well as, any other Office in the Department of Justice, regardless if the crime syndicate is found within any committee in government, the private sector, or a Office of the Department of Justice, itself.   

     I propose an additional achievement, reporting and providing evidence of a person, with satellite and/or wireless cellular tower surveillance software in possession, performing a crime to the District Attorney's Office and County District Criminal Court, to earn, by members of the intelligence community, who serve in the North American Aerospace Defense Command ("NORAD"), United States Northern Command ("USNORTHCOM"), United States Strategic Command ("USSTRATCOM"), Department of Justice ("DOJ"), Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA"), member agencies of the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS"), and state law enforcement agencies.  The wearable decoration, for this achievement, is a British styled gorget and awarded by either a member of the United States Congress or the President of the United States.  The gorget signifies that no one may choke him or her to death for not reporting the intelligence related crime to local authorities for an immediate issuance of a restraining order to protect the victim or party of victims.  Raytheon's Long-Range Acoustic Device, which is often used in domestic satellite and wireless cellular tower surveillance programs, may be tuned to cause a person to have breathing difficulty.

Image by Ian Tuck

Public Finance -- Social Security and Medicare

       I will support the continuance of the Medicare, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Social Security programs and vote to increase the benefits to meet costs of living.  The Federal Insurance Contributions Act ("FICA") is imposed on both employers and employees or equivalent (i.e., contractors.)  The FICA tax is the premium that is paid into the government public finance programs.  Insurance funding, through "tax premiums," guarantees future benefits to recipients.  How are the benefits guaranteed?  The answer is by financial backing by the United States Congress, alone.  New modifications are needed to remove restrictions on who receives the retirement pension from Social Security and medical insurance from Medicare, if he or she paid into the government public finance programs.

     Moreover, with current trends of commercial pension funds being harvested through corporate restructuring and no pension is offered to employees, in more and more professions; the Social Security public finance program is becoming the only retirement program available to us, who choose to work in this country.  In addition, the investment funds that exist do not guarantee a capital gain nor a preservation of the initial capital investment, with a few exceptions in certain bond funds.  With this formula to build a retirement pension plan, the efforts are doomed to fail for the commercial sector to provide guaranteed pensions, when there are no guarantees to initial capital investments.

     When I took the economics course, “Public Finance,” in college, I remember the debate over whether or not Social Security was a “tax” and/or “welfare” to others – where some of us, including me, saw it as a government sponsored retirement savings program.  Therefore, there are others out there in the population, who always will view the Social Security program as a tax.  Nonetheless, I will always vote to preserve this public finance program and provide the retirement benefit to all, who paid into it, period.  Otherwise, it is not fair and dishonorable to the people, who pay into the program and see no benefit.  

     How to keep the Medicare and Social Security public finance retirement programs in the “black?”  The Consumer Price Index is commonly used to gauge what the cost of living looks like at present and in the past. Finding the rate of change could be done through a moving average, along with the change in rate of population growth or decline to consider. Once the variables are plugged into the equation, the estimated cost will be appropriated through Congress.  Article I of the United States Constitution allows for Congress to “coin” currency through appropriations and determine the units of measure of the currency, as well.  What does that mean?  The prosperous countries, from the dawn of the “Iron Age” to present, all had one thing in common, before each respective country could create currency, which is a mountain range with iron deposits.  Iron deposits are the key to how empires take root.  Without the raw resource of iron to mine; independence cannot be achieved.  A direct result of mastering resources and building functional economies is having public finance programs.

Traditional Library

Federal Student Loans

     The importance of an advanced education is to improve the quality of life and prosperity.  The Federal Student Loan programs have been successful in allowing more students to enter college and finish with a baccalaureate degree and proceed to enter graduate school.  What has failed with these student loan programs?  The interest rate on the loan is way too high and abusive, given the money to fund the loan originates through the United States Congress, alone, and sole purpose is to improve culture, prosperity, and protect society down the road through technological advances. 

     I will push hard to change the interest rate, to repay the student loans, to one percent.  Also, I want the previous interest payments adjusted to the lower rate, of annual percentage rate, to use to pay off the principal of the loan.  The adjustment in annual percentage rate and interest payments to speed up repayment, of the Federal Student Loans, is an honorable choice.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Health Care Reform

     Affordable health care is in demand at the voting polls and always will be a demand by all of us.  I have seen the numbers of monthly premiums on the available insurance for health care for families, and it is completely unaffordable.  How to decrease the monthly costs to families?  Well, I would vote to remove taxes on providing and receiving health care.  The provisions from the current taxes should be assessed on the purpose and weighed.  How can the United States Congress help?  Increase your taxes to offset costs incurred by others in a pool to balance the budget of providing health care to the entire residences of the country or state?  Or, should the United States Congress provide direct appropriations to government health care contractors and private institutions and professionals to offset costs to reduce the total costs to you and I?  Or, should the United States Congress pursue investing in newer technologies and medicine to find what will actually fix and/or cure, which would reduce health care costs in the future? 

     The United States Congress can only invest with appropriations or tax from an activity and/or ownership to provide funding.  Congress cannot provide medicine nor diagnose a patient's condition.  What is your pick?  Of course, any activity has to have an audit trail.  Current medicine provided cannot produce new ailments, or it would disqualify as an option for treatment, due to logical reasons -- such as risks to health and emotional distress to the patient and whoever is paying for the expenses.  Therefore, alternative medicine that has not shown accurate probabilities of successful health and living, by the patient being treated with alternative techniques, cannot receive funding from the government.  Hopefully, this is agreeable to most Americans.  Also, it is very important not to use Health Care as means to replace the function of Social Security for disabilities.  "Depression" is not a medical condition to solve with prescription drugs nor should it be funded by the government.  Depression should be solved by pursuing a new way of life; by doing so, enter a new curriculum of study and advance his or her education in college with a subject that is in demand by industry; and that is, and will always be, my answer for such "hocus pocus nonsense."  Please bear with me on this topic for one more moment; since this is a concern of mine, where some way or somehow everyone, with a "mood," would get doped up on a prescription drug.  This idea makes my stomach turn to a point that I physically become nauseous.  I simply do not support such an approach; for it has a higher probability to cause new ailments -- where the new ailments could cause loss of rights and status in society (and, needless to state, reduce prospects for better employment.)  It is dishonorable to place an innocent and "moody" person in such danger that could have a life-long negative affect -- where new amendments, if needed, to current "Jurisprudence on Civil Procedure" could place downward pressure on reoccurrences of such practices.

     If you ask me, I would require a current status on all levels, study the statistics upon each discovery, and proceed to have the government eat the costs for most life saving cures and/or fixes -- but not from taxes to eat the costs.  Inflation of prices is driven by limited supply.  Therefore, another approach is to provide more supply.  How can the United States Congress provide more supply of sound and proven medicine?  Taxes?  No, to taxing for more supply; otherwise, we, individually, would become financially poorer.  If there is a demand from the population for less expensive medical care, then promoting financial scholarships for medical studies to produce more doctors is a sound choice.  Yes, the United States Congress may perform that need to fund scholarships.  Moreover, increasing the supply of true antibiotics is desperately needed to reduce the costs for general medical visits.   

     In addition, the operating costs to run a hospital is very high.  How may the government support medical operations at a hospital?  Well, perhaps send the utility bills to the Congressman or Congresswoman, of the Congressional District where the hospital exists?  Hopefully, that may be agreed on.  There are many options.  What makes sense to make health care affordable?  Insurance companies, that have extraordinary events and become insolvent, have to seek aid from the United States Congress or fail at providing coverage and file for bankruptcy.  Therefore, the insurance shuffle, of coverage and handling expenses, eventually is limited to the direct support of Congress for maintaining a sound a stable economy for health care.

Veterans Benefits

     I support benefits, by the government, to support and provide financial services to cover the medical expenses of discharged soldiers, for his or her injuries received while on active or reserve duty, without any time limit, when the injury still exists.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Job Growth Through Innovation

     I have a focus on helping entrepreneurs and local businesses create jobs by providing more details and work requests that the United States Congress has approved for appropriation to fund projects.   There are so many more scientific advancements to achieve; that funding through the United States Congress will create jobs for such research and production.  Once the research has been completed, the company or companies, that took advantage of the challenge to produce the results, may, and more often than not, present it to the consumer base to make additional profits on the sales. 

     For example, I believe the United States Congress should invest more in new energy production, using magnetic fields rather than using nuclear power plants.  Researching new energy resources is crucial for lowering future operating costs.  Therefore, I will petition the various Congressional Committees to have approval for Congressional Appropriations for the research of magnetic energy to produce the mechanics behind generating a continuous electrical current with enough amperage to provide the needs for supplying electricity to a home, from an affordable appliance at the home's location, without any nasty surprises at the end of the month with an unexpected expensive electrical bill.  Thus, the cost of living for families will fall.  Consequently, this type of appliance for supplying electricity to a business, for the office, store, warehouse, etc., will reduce the operating costs on the income statement.  Now that is innovation!

     In another example, in the oil and gas industry, Congress should support and fund research in more advanced technology to capture Hydrogen Sulfide, during the extraction of oil from the well.  Hydrogen Sulfide is a lethal poison.  In addition, I support funding the research for better instruments to identify hazardous gases, during oil and gas extraction.

Image by Caleb Fisher

Foreign Trade Policy

     I would focus on changing where United States Congressional Appropriations are spent. In certain cases, it is important to emphasize to the contractor with the United States government to keep these jobs here in this country and move them to my district, because our United States Congressional District's population, more than likely, possesses the skill levels to perform the duties, plus the other country, where the contractor has a location, could petition that foreign country's government to appropriate a budget for certain projects performed in that same country.

     In addition, I support "free trade" to create a global open market place of fine goods and produce and to provide legal protections and agreements for doing business in the foreign countries.  However, I do not favor, nor ever will favor, bargaining citizenship grants during trade negotiations, to bypass normal travel and work visas, nor do I agree to allow for offshoring jobs within trade agreements.  Most Americans treat the idea of "trading" as selling or buying products; not reducing our pool of available professions, during the bargaining of a foreign trade agreement.

Image by Andy Feliciotti

Real Estate Property Taxes Fleecing Families' Savings

     As a Representative, I will work with local municipal, county, and state governments, that are in United States Congressional District Texas 1, to pull away the expenses for infrastructure and needed projects, to support our civilization, and have these funded through United States Congress -- which is common practice, since from the beginning.  However, the burden on real estate owners is quite excessive, in my opinion; thus, more work to offload the expenses of county government through United States Congressional Appropriations is needed to reduce the fleecing of savings from the citizenry.  The United States Congress was engineered to handle such expenses.

Image by MJ Tangonan


     As a member of the United States Congress, one is a member of architects to design and plan the administration of providing the "state of art" improvements to advance our way of life.  One of the duties of a congressman is to prepare support for improvements in highways, railways, bridges, towers, buildings, and water and food supplies, plus other possibilities to improve and advance society. 

     I truly look forward to working with municipal, rural, county, and state governments to fund improvements on infrastructure through my office for the people of Texas Congressional District 1.  Also, our water supply is a precious necessity for life and requires improvement addressing the wide variety of contaminants.  By funding projects to improve our water supply to provide the best potable water to each home is one option to always perform.  Another option is to provide tax deductions for the purchase of water purifiers for the home, which I whole heartedly support.

     Our food supply requires suitable transportation, which is free of all varieties of contaminants, as well as water, which was previously mentioned.  Providing sound management of proper ways to mandate guidelines to follow and provide proper funding and tax incentives to cover the implementation of safe and clean storage and transportation of crops and other consumable items is another responsibility of the United States Congress.   

Image by Helloquence

Non-compete Clauses in Contract Employment Agreements

     I will not support legislation that allows for non-compete agreements, which hinder the contractor and/or employee (i.e., "You the voter") from switching to a new third-party company to the same client company of the previous or current third-party company that had an employment contract agreement with both the client company and hired contractor and/or employee.  Allowing the hired contractor and/or employee to switch to a different contracting company provides for increased probabilities for higher wages and benefits, plus full bill rate, from the third-party company to the client company, for over-time performed to go directly to the hired contractor and/or employee.  In addition, the client company may get a better bill rate for renegotiating with a new third-party contracting company.  I support the State of California Constitution's "BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE," Section 16600, "Except as provided in this chapter, every contract by which anyone is restrained from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business of any kind is to that extent void."  (Added by Stats. 1941, Ch. 526.)

Image by Claire Anderson


     Reading through the Texas Constitution's Penal Code, abortion will fall under the "Murder" section.  Therefore, I see abortion as a First Degree Felony.   I am pro-life candidate that supports life begins at conception and the fetus has a right to life.

Image by Caleb Wright

Inheritance Tax ("Estate Tax")

     I will vote to abolish the "Estate Tax," which is a tax on the transfer of property upon the death of the owner of the estate.  In addition, I will always favor any new deductions on the "Gross Estate Amount" to determine and reduce the "Taxable Estate Amount."  The "Estate Tax" disrupts real estate and capital ownership transfers to surviving family members.  More so, it causes emotional distress.  Therefore, I do not understand why any form of government would find it honorable to tax property values simply due to what is inherited.

Image by Brandon Mowinkel

Gift Tax

     I will vote to abolish the "Gift Tax."  The "Gift Tax" makes it much more expensive to provide assistance to relatives or friends of the family.  Therefore, in my opinion to reduce burdens when helping others, the transfer of money greater than $10,000 should not receive an additional tax but a deduction to the gross capital earnings -- when given to relatives.

Image by Suzy Brooks

Property Search and Seizure Without Due Process

     I support the need to reinstate the rights embodied in the 4th Amendment that have been rendered null and void by activist courts and government overreach and urge the State Legislature to abolish civil asset forfeiture and to ensure private property only be forfeited upon a criminal conviction (Republican Party of Texas' Platform and Resolutions; #161, 2016.)

Image by Paulina B

Home Schooling

     I support home schooling with an accredited home-schooling curriculum to prepare the child to enter pre-collegiate courses that are offered by certain universities to prepare for early entry into a baccalaureate program in the United States or other accredited foreign colleges.


School Choice

     I support all children should have access to quality education and agree with the right to choose public, private, charter, or home education (Republican Party of Texas' Platform and Resolutions; #147, 2016.) 


Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

     I am a strong supporter to protect the Article II Amendment, to the United States Constitution, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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